Short rows in 2 x 2 ribbing

I’ve done short rows in stockinette stitch before but I am really stuck with 2 x 2 ribbing. Not sure how to work the wraps and turns and whether I should be doing a knit stitch or purl stitch. Here is the pattern:

I am at the section titled Shape Front of Hat. I bound off the 18 stitches and am ready to work the short rows. Any help? Thanks so much!

Keep in pattern. If the stitch you come to is a K, K it; if it’s a P, P it. My reading of the pattern makes me think you are working stockinette here. Is that right?

Cute hat! and worth the effort, I’m sure.

I’m almost to the point of working short rows in double seed stitch. I share your angst. Here’s a video you might want to check, German short rows with no wrap. The lady in PJs here posted it and it’s what I’ve been using ever since. You might like it too.

I went back and reread the pattern, and you are in the ribbing. My bad. Still, if it’s a K, K it, if it’s a P, P it.

Sometimes the w&t will be on a knit st and sometimes on a purl. GG is right, just work the wrap on the next stitch, turn and continue in pattern. (If you prefer doing the wrap on say, a knit stitch, go ahead and move the wrap up or back the next stitch or two. It won’t make a big difference.)
I’ve made about a half dozen of these hats because they work so well, are fun to knit and are indeed toasty. Good luck with it.