Short rows help,
I am trying to knit a stocking for the first time. I am using Paula Levy’s Vintage Christmas stocking pattern from raveller. It was all going well until the heel.

The heel section beings by placing markers that section out a 39 stitch section where the short rows are worked with markers that isolate the inner 13 stitches of these 39 which are never wrapped.

The instructions state " Join second Skein of MC, K38, wnst. Sl1, p36, wnst. Work short rows at intervals of 1 stitch three more times - 4 Sts will have been wrapped on each side. Continue in short rows at intervals of 2 sts until only 1 st is left unwrapped in each outer section (st next to marker)."

The first part of this is fine, but I am very confused by what “Continue in short rows at intervals of 2 Sts” means.

Any help would be wonderful!!


Welcome to the forum!
In the first section you wrap sts on each side at one stitch intervals. On the knit rows for example, you wrap after 38sts, 37sts, 36sts and 35sts. In the next section, wrap at 2 stitch intervals, after 33sts, 31sts, 29sts etc.

Thanks so much!
I will give that a try!