Short rows gone wrong

Hello. I’m new so apologies if this is the wrong way to do this. Can one of you kindly people help with this pattern?
I’m stuck on this and I think I must be following the pattern wrong. I have done the first three sets of short rows – all fine and good. Now on the fourth set, the jumper is curving and only growing on one side. I think I may have missed a row. Am I supposed to do a straight row at the end of the third set of short rows? I must have misread it as there are 12 stitches on one side that don’t get worked at all. I think at some stage after the third set of short rows I should have swopped sides, but for the life of me I can’t work out where.
Is it perhaps because I’m English and the pattern is American, language difference and all that?
Sorry for such a long question.

wow, that’s a striking pattern. i’m not sure what yarn/colorway you’re using, but it should turn out well - looks like a variety of yarn choices would work well.

quick bit of the instructions for everybody else…

Cast on 78 (88, 96) sts and work in Garter st in Stripes for 2”.
Make short rows: K 66 (71, 75), w/t, knit to end.
K 63 (68, 72), w/t
knit to end.
K 60 (65, 69), w/t
knit to end.
K 57 (62, 66), w/t
knit to end.
K 54 (59, 63), w/t
knit to end.
and so on and so on, knitting 3 less each row, doing a wrap & turn, knitting back to the end until you have 12 (17, or 21) stitches left on needle, depending on size.

so if you’re to the 3rd line of the w&t instructions, you should have your cast on, 2" of garter stripes (from the gauge that’s going to be about 9-10 rows total), your first row with a wrap & turn, a knit back row, your second row with a wrap & turn, a second knit back row, your third row with a wrap & turn, and finally a third knit back row, and getting ready for that fourth wrap & turn row. does that sound right?

if so, then you’re doing fine… the wrap & turn rows are creating the wedge shapes… so you’ll be getting a triangle piece. the next stage you’ll be doing pickups on that triangle piece to create another triangle piece that’s at a different angle to the first full piece, then doing plain horizontal striping rows, then another set of 2 triangle wedge pieces at the top.


Welcome to KH. No matter what I try I can’t look at your pattern. :sad: The site just won’t open. I even switched browsers to see if that would help. No luck.

What are the “first three sets of short rows” instructions? Is that what Xtopher posted?

Welcome to KH!
I don’t think the difference is in the language. You may have to watch the way that the wedges or triangles are curving and adjust with an extra row.
I called the rows by the initial stitch number for the smallest size (12-66sts or 66-12sts). After the cast on there’s:
set 1 66-12 starting from the RS
17 rows of garter stitch
set 2 66-12 starting from the WS
set 3 12-66
set 4 66-12
set 5 12-66
set 6 66-12
Between sets 3 and 4 there doesn’t seem to be an extra row just a reversal of the short rows. That should give you the opposite curve.

GG There are about 19 rows plus returns in each repeat. The rows X posted are the beginning of set one as I read it.

A link to the pattern. I finally figured out why it wouldn’t open.

oops, i saw the general gauge, but didn’t read the next line where they have the gauge specific to garter stitch…

otherwise i think we’re all on the same page… knit a row with a wrap & turn, knit back, keep repeating, with less worked stitches each time… and that creates the right-angled triangle shape…


Thank you everyone for your help. I have tried to upload a pic. Fingers crossed it worked so you can see what I mean. Thanks Xtopher but I’m a bit further on. I think I have somehow missed the side swop netween the third and fourth set of short rows. Will pull it back and see if I can correct it.
Will let you know how I go

[I]Knit next row, pick up wraps and knit together with st on needle. Knit WS row. Knit 14
rows. [B]Knit RS row[/B]
Did you start your short rows on the WS? If the first set started on the RS then this would reverse the triangle.

Well, it looks great! I love the way sets 2 and 3 join.
When you get back to the split between sets 3 and 4, add in an extra row if necessary so that the curve is on the opposite side.

ETA: GG, I think that’s the transition between set 1 and set 2.

i’m glad you’re getting some good help on this, and for sure that IS a striking color combination.

if we can all figure out the pattern, i may take a crack at it… wonder what color combo my mom might like… usually something autumnal or marine/coastal…

keep me/us posted, please! :wink: