Short rows fun!

First time knitting short rows. Took a while to understand this pattern. But the light bulb does come on. I watched the video offered in the pattern, and very pinks video.

This is free on ravelry called Miss Grace Scarf. The very pink video was on the Miss Grace shawl.,Concept the same.

Here is what I have so far


This scarf is going to be gorgeous! You have the technique down perfectly.

It looks like a nice pattern with good support, too.

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AWESOME! Love it!

Thank you for posting the link salmonmac!!!
Sometimes I goof it up and people can’t access the link.

Glad to add a link anytime (usually just by copying and pasting the URL).
It’s such a delight to see your lovely scarf.

That is beautiful!!

Beautiful :grinning:

Thank you for sharing the link :blush:

Wow! That’s looking amazing. Great start.

Thanks grumpy! I have since done some frogging
But determined to finish it!

Ooh La-La! C’est magnifique! Or in good ol’ American – that sure is awful purdy!

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