Short rows for neck shaping video

The lifted stitch is worked adding a stitch to the right needle and then turned and worked on the wrong side.
It means a k2 p2 k2 becomes a k3 p2 k2 when one turn is made. After a few turns there are some k3 or p3 in each place where the turn was made. If I work back even as in the video (ie not trying to bind off but working every stitch through the back loop) there are several extra stitches so I no longer have k2 p2.

There is a different video for shadow wraps which I just found, by the same person and they are worked differently. No extra stitches, only the shadow stitch which she resolves on the final row working them together.

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Are you going to bind off the sts at the end? Will the extra stitch fall next to the bind off? It’s not unusual to have an increased stitch to eventually work in pattern.

Did you ever locate the original video that you saw? How are the sts worked there?

I worked out the problem of the extra stitches.
The first video (10 rows a day neckline shaping without binding off) is not shadow wraps. I don’t know what it’s called (a guess is a make 1 in the stitch below) but it isn’t lifted the same as a shadow wrap, it doesn’t pair up in the same way as a shadow wrap, and doesnt resolve as a shadow wrap.

I’ve never done shadow wraps before but I found 10 rows a day “shadow wraps a simple way to make short rows” and these definitely do not make extra stitches, the double stitches stick together and they resolve exactly as @GrumpyGramma said (the stitches in the first video don’t, they just don’t).
I worked the shadow wraps first time, easy, it works, all the right number of stitches.

The only aspect I wasn’t too keen on was where a turn occurs between a p and k as the result squews the knit column putting a bend in it, however I can probably recalculate my shaping so that all the turns take place between 2 purl stitches.

I’d still like to work out the wrap and turn if possible.

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Yes she says the movement is the same to wrap but when picking up the wrap to work it’s different as she conceals the wraps on the wrong side of the work, RS and WS don’t end up the same, the WS has the wrap which she describes as a C or backwards C hanging across it. So… when working a purl on the RS for rib or reverse stockinette, if I follow the video it results in the wrap hanging across the front or RS of the fabric. The wrong side looks nice but no one looking down my top to see that :wink:

I’m having another go! This is trial 4000!

Hm. Well. If it don’t work it don’t work. I thought the yellow piece in the video was less than attractive but sort of chalked it up to bulky yarn. I hear you about trial 4000. Last night I messed up some stitches on my shawl that’s well over 400 stitches now. I’m thinking I have to frog back to the lifeline because they don’t want to get fixed just dropping down one section. I’m back to, this is the last time I’m starting over for the last time. On this I should definitely know what I’m doing already.


I’m making some progress at last. Still on the same swatch, knitting, tinking, knitting, tinking…
Working the wrapped purl on the RS I have discovered a way to pick up the wrap to put the messy bit on the WS and, I think, depending on whether it comes after a k or after a purl I also need to unwrap and turn the stitch before it’s worked, then everything sits nicely.
That’s only one side of the neck, working w&t on the RS. Still need to work out the other side of the neck where they are worked on the WS.

Only another 4000 trials to go and I’ll get it!

I’m persevering with it.

You’ll get it figured out. I want to try that short row technique but probably won’t ever use it for a neckline. Most of my knitting is top down. I tried again to fix my mess and couldn’t. I frogged back to the lifeline, got the stitches back otn, and worked the first pattern row of the chart and the WS row following. The next few RS rows are a repeat of the one I just did. Purl rows are rest rows, thank the knitting goddess! Current stitch count is 401.

I’d rather frog and reknit than do housework. :stuck_out_tongue: I’ve been working on a better arrangement for my yarn that’s ended up all jumbled and scattered. I don’t know who did that, couldn’t have been me! :rofl:

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Just thought I’d pop back with an update.

Thanks everyone for chipping in with videos and advice.

I worked out how to work the wrap and turn so that the wrap was concealed on the wrong side of the fabric including working purls on the RS and knits on the WS.
Then after all that decided to use a sloped bind off.

Maybe I’ll use the w&t when I work the shoulder cap.


Good job figuring w&t,:smile: now is easy to knitt socks, hardest part you learned​:smiley::smiley::smiley:

Ps: im just teasing you :joy:

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:astonished:I hope so! :joy:

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