Short Rows for hat brim

I have a pattern that has you c/o 100 sts, join to knit in the round and then purl 4 rows.
that part I got, easy…
it’s the short rows that I am just not familiar with and have gotten myself so confused.

Short Row 1: k35, w&t
Short Row 2: k10, w&t
Short Row 3: k all sts up to and including 1 st past the previous wrapped st, w&t

Here is my question, and I apologize in advance if it is incredibly elementary.

after I k35 and complete my w&t, do I continue knitting back across the 35 stitches back to my starting point? or do I start Short Row 2 immediately after the w&t?

I hope that makes sense.

Welcome to KH!
It’s a good question. After completing the w&t in short row 1, you are on row 2. This happens to be another short row so k10 and then w&t again as the row says. You’ll now be on row 3.

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