Short rows and assorted patterns

i am having trouble with the whole idea of short rows. is ther anyone out there who can verbalize this technique?i know this sounds rediculous but i am still a new knitter. the main thing i a having trouble with is this pattern

it is like reading foreign to me. when you cast on do you only caston with the main color and add the contrasting color later? and if you do how do you cast that on?

the other thing i am having trouble with is the trinity pattern. i ahve become aware of this pattern form a book. but thing i am having trouble with is the first instruction in the pattern reads:

(K P K) all in next stich

how does one do this?

For the pattern you linked, you will cast on your stitches with two strands of the main colour, and then right away with the first row you work you will be using the contrast colour. A double strand is used throughout so when you start your constrast colour you will start with 2 strands held together.

As far as the short rows, really you just need to go row by row following the instructions given and turn your work around when it says to, even though you have not worked all the stitches of the row. You are working part rows to create the shaping at the crown of the hat. Because you’re working the hat sideways, short rows are used. If you were working the hat top down or bottom up, you would be using increases or decreases.

Regarding the trinity stitch where you have to (K1P1K1) in the same stitch. You will knit the stitch and before you slip the original stitch off the left needle you will bring your working yarn forward and purl the same stitch. Return the working yarn to the back and knit the same stitch once more. Now, slip the original stitch from the left needle. You have created 3 stitches on the right needle.

i’ve never knit that hat… i learned short rows on the ruffle scarf in scarfstyle. BUT someone had to show me… (even tho i had the right idea)… it sometimes helps to have someone show you so you can visually grasp it…

i tried a search on youtube for shotrows and got this
maybe it’ll help if knitqueens (awesome) instructions werent enough

good luck… cool lookin hat!