Short row wrapping ~~~

Help ~ I am making the Garter Hat in the Vogue knitting Chunkey Scarfs and Hats , the directions say , KNIT SIDE 1. Wyib sl next st purlwise 2. Move yarn between the needles to the front. 3. Sl the same st back to the LH needle. Turn work, bring yarn to the P side between needles. One st is wrapped . When short rows are completed, work to just before wrapped st, insert RH needle under the wrop and knitwise into the wrapped st, K them tog . What i dont understand is when do i work just before wrapped st ??? Is it after every row that i have wrapped ? I have tried some with no luck , Thanks for any help, Judy , need more directions ?

I think from what you’ve said that you do all the short rows–the ones where you wrap and turn. Then on the next row after they are completed, you work up to the wrapped stitch, etc.