short row warning

I hope this link takes you to my short row debacle
So perhaps helps someone.

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Thanks for the warning, i have done short rows before in baby leggings and never had a problem. I guess I didn’t do it his way.

Every short row video and tutorial that I’ve seen shows you how to work with the wrapped, doubled or shadowed etc. stitch on a later row. In each case there are ways to hide the short row turn so that it doesn’t show.
I’m sorry for your trouble, Bluejaygirl. This is always a learning experience.

When I’ve done short rows with garter I don’t pick up the wraps at all. Maybe the pattern designer was assuming that as well? Don’t know. But you learned something anyway. :slight_smile:

I have since learned that! What I didn’t like I guess was not
The w&t issue after all. Geesh. The bottom of the form was
Jagged looking. I am going to start the short rows again and
See if I can figure it out.

Thanks Salmonmac. I am learning and determined!
No worries…exciting to get this figured out. Luckily
No one in mind for this scarf. No one waiting for it.

I agree short rows can be tricky especially if they include both knit and purl stitches such as in rib or cable pattern.

The best video I’ve see which works for me is by Cat Bordhi as the wraps do not show (except if you have purls, they are a bit thicker) but if you seemed it by doing an increase mitre and a decrease one, there is a bit of thickness too because of the seam on the back). What is nice is not having to seam. Cat Borhi is humorous so it helps me to remember how to do the wraps.

I had some issues with some short rows as not getting rid of the holes entirely, but these really work for me.

Hope this helps. I have these videos saved in my favorites so if I need a review, I can just go to it (in case her name escapes me).

Short Rows video Part 1

Short Rows Video Part 2

Thank you so much! We were away with no wifi. So glad
To be back to it! Looking forward to watching the videos and
Getting back to the short rows! Have to finish two wip first.

Thanks again Sallybode!

No problem.