Short row turn when it is the last stitch..AKA HELP

I am supposed to do a wrap and turn on the last stitch on the needle. Because the slip and turn leaves nothing on the left needle, the yarn doesn’t do what it’s supposed to do and there is no wrap. I can kind of do a wrap and turn when it is someplace else in the row, but not on the last stitch. Nothing anchors the yarn and I am just moving it back and forth from front to back with no result. Will somebody try this and tell me what I am doing wrong?? This is for a sock pattern ( Wendy’s Toe Up) which is now a nightmare!

It looks like there’s nothing there but, when it comes time to pick up the, then, double-wrapped stitch, you should be able to identify the first wrap in order to knit it together with the stitch, (and second wrap) it’ll be way down at the bottom of the stitch.

Would it be the end of the world if you left that last stitch unwrapped? :shrug: