Short Row Toe

Hi, All:
I have never knitted short row toes before…and I have to admit, I’m a little intimidated by them…that’s probably why I keep putting them off…LOL. Does anybody know an easier and less painful way of how to do them? I looked on and their instructions for the short row and OMG…I don’t think I want to tackle that! :shock: Can somebody please help?
Thanks in advance

I love short row heels and toes! Here is a tutorial I found very helpful:

Let me know if I can help at all. They are so much fun!

:smiley: I’ve just completed my 1st short row toe & it was relatively painless :wink: Although, I didn’t use the regular short row toe, but the []Sherman]( [url) heel/toe method, which worked like a charm :wink: I knit the toe exactly as the heel was done, I did my toe shaping on the same needles as the heel & it’s then kitchenered together on the top of the foot like machine knit socks are done. You can see how the toe looked [here]( before I grafted it together, the completed sock here. Oh, I knit my sock cuff down :smiley: I highly recommend the sherman heel & toe as the 1st short row shaping on a sock :thumbsup:

[color=blue]Wow![/color] Thanks so much to both of you…These are so much easier to follow…I can’t wait to try them!!! :cheering:

I learnt how to do W&T short rows here.

I love making toe-up socks this way. :thumbsup: