Short row sock heel with no holes: easy

I’ve needed small, easy, little-thought-required projects lately and socks fit the bill. What I don’t like is holes to try to fix when I turn the heel, I’m never satisfied with the patch job. What to do?

First, why are there holes when I turn a heel? It’s because when I work back and forth and then pick up all the turning stitches I’m actually part of a round ahead of the rest of the sock. (If I work and then turn the end sts I’m maybe two rounds ahead? Too complicated for me right now.) Solution? Don’t knit to the point of being part of a round ahead. How? It’s surprisingly easy. What I did, working 2@time, was:

For the first turn I worked until there was 1 st left on the needle, did my turn leaving 1 st unworked. This keeps me in line with the rest of the round beyond this point. After the first turn, leave 1 st unworked at the other end, staying in line with the rest of the round on this side. Work the rest of the short rows as normal. On the RS, pick up the turning stitches to the end of the needle and continue on to the next heel. This leaves 1/2 the turning sts to be picked up later when you finish the round after the 2nd heel which is worked in the same way. Finish the short rows on the 2nd heel and on the RS pick up the turning sts as you come to them leaving the rest lying in wait as before, continue on across the insteps of the socks, pick up the remaining turning sts as you come to them. NO HOLES. I wish I could post a picture to show you it works.

If you’re doing 1@time disregard the part for the 2nd heel and just keep going around after you pick up the turning sts on the RS.

I :heart: easy solutions. I hope someone finds this helpful.

I feel I should mention that I’m not using an actual pattern, the method I use is from Lifestyle Socks. If you’re using a pattern you might need to do some adjustment to get the right number of turns and stitches remaining at the end of the short rows. I expect that a row or two fewer short rows or a couple of stitches off in the count at the end of the short rows isn’t critcal most of the time. You decide.