Short row sock heel question

I made a sock using the short row heel for the first time. I’m wondering if I should have left more unworked stitches in the centre of the heel? The heel kinda pooches out behind a bit unless I tug it into place. If I’d left a wider middle space would it have been better? samm

According to the Priscilla Gibson-Roberts a short row heel is complete when 20% of the cast on sts remain unworked between the yarn overs or wrapped sts, depending on how you did your short rowing.
Now, that being said, it sounds like you are correct in saying that it shouldn’t pooch out as much if you leave fewer unworked sts.

I’m working on one myself right now, so I can’t give you any advice. However, I’m glad you asked this question. I’ll be watching this thread intently looking for the answer. :slight_smile:

Thanks, Rebecca!!! It made sense to me but I’ve only done one sock this way as a sample. The second for real sock is Moda Dea striped yarn and so pretty, and the heel looks different. I believe the pattern said to leave an inch before short rowing, but I think I’ll try more. 20% sounds good to me. I will try that. Have you done short row heels? I’m wrapping the stitches and find it is very easy. samm

Yes, I love the fit of socks with short row heels and toes! I use PGR’s yo method, though. And, then there’s the wonderful sherman heel and toe which I really love :cheering:

Samm, I had the same problem… I was so frustrated with my elf sock that I haven’t even started the second one. I left 20% un-short rowed, like the pattern said…I had to tug it to get rid of the pooch as well. But it comes back after a few steps. I would think leaving even more than 20% would help. Too bad there’s no real way to tell without doing the whole thing. :??