Short row shaping question

Okay, I’m working on this vest that requires short row shaping on the shoulders. I have looked at the video on this site and read through (although, I must confess, not WORKED through :oops: ) the short row section in Maggie Righetti’s book. Here’s my question…

In the video and the book, the row you work normally in order to pick up the wrapped stitches just deals with one wrapped stitch at a time. Make sense? So you are picking up one bar. In this vest pattern, however, you work back and forth a few times so that you have two wrapped stitches stacked on top of each other. Almost looks like a dropped stitch/ladder effect. So when you work the row normally to pick up the wraps, do you pick up both of them, or just the top one? Should this not be happening?

Geez, I hope this makes sense, and that someone knows what to do. Thanks for any insights,


When I’ve done short row shaping for shoulders, its to shape them without binding off, usually to do three-needle bind-off for the shoulders (my favorite finishing touch!!) Anyway, in my experience, assuming we are talking about the same thing, the wraps are only to prevent holes when you turn and start knitting the other way. You don’t have to pick them up again because you will be binding the shoulders off. I think this is called ‘short-row shaping in preparation for 3 needle bind-off’ in Wiseman’s finishing book. I would quote it if i could find it in my mess. :smiley: