Short-row shaping for sweater shoulders

I have some questions about how to replace the stair-step bind-off in my sweater pattern for the smooth diagonal shaping that short-rows provide. I’ve never done short-rows and I’ve been reading up about them but there are several types, each with benefits and drawbacks and I don’t feel experienced enough with them to answer my own question. So here it is…some of my main go-to knitting-how-to resources seem to give differing instructions about how to do short-rows for shoulder shaping and I’m wondering about the differences.

First has to do with which stitch you wrap and turn. For example, both the video by Cheryl Brunette on this page and the TECHknitter indicate that you wrap and turn the last of the stitches to be bound off. For example, if you are supposed to bind off 5 sts at the end of each row, their instructions say to knit until there are 5 sts remaining on the left needle and then wrap the next stitch. Both have you slip the next stitch (TECHknitter says to wrap and return to left needle then slip next stitch from right needle to left needle and then turn work and continue; Cheryl says to wrap and return to the left needle and then turn, slip next stitch and then continue). However, Knitty’s instructions would have you knit until there are 6 sts remaining on the left needle and then wrap the next stitch. And Knitty does not have you slip the next stitch before continuing.

Which of the two methods (TECHknitter/Cheryl vs Knitty) is the correct way and why? Do you wrap the stitch before the total number of stitches to be bound off (like Knitty says) or do you wrap the stitch included in the stitches to be bound off (like Cheryl and TECHknitter)? And do you slip a stitch from the right needle before continuing or not?

There are different ways of shaping shoulders with short rows just as there are different ways of working short rows themselves. In this case, neither method is fundamentally better or more correct than the other, it’s a matter of preference. That said, the best way to decide is to work each of the methods on a swatch and see which you like better.
I follow Techknitter although I do double stitch or German short rows rather than w&t. For me it gives a more seamless slant to the shoulder although this is all hidden in the seam anyway.