Short row shaping for shoulders

I read Sue’s post from this thread on shoulder shaping. She said :

For my pattern, I’m supposed to bind off 5 sitches at the beginning of the next RS row. So on the previous row, I knit till I get to the last 5 stitches as Sue says, but then I’m confused on what to do next, because when I turn the work, I’m not quite sure how to continue with the next row. Am I supposed to do something else?

When you get to the point where you would have bound off the stitches, wrap and turn, and purl back. If you’re decreasing on both edges as on the back of a sweater, then purl back to within 5 stitches for the edge, w and t, and knit back to where the next bind off would be.

On the final row, work one row, picking up the wraps.

If you’re working on a front panel where you’re only decreasing on one edge, then work to the stitches that would have been bound off, w and t, purl back. Keep doing this until you’ve worked all the stitches that way and do one final row to pick up the wraps.

Thanks Ingrid :slight_smile: I forgot all about the wrapping part till I watched Amy’s video, so I did that until I came to the last bindoffs for the shaping, but then I didn’t know how to work one row to pick them all up.

It’s like this : When I have 9 stitches left, I turn the work, then I wrap the 9th stitch. I’ve done all the bindoffs, so if I were to pick them all up, I would have to work one row, and then [I]another[/I] for the “9th” last stitch that I wrapped?

It’s hard to explain, but I read another thread, in which you said that it’s okay to not pick up the stitches, so I just left them and bound off the remaining stitches for the back.