Short row shaping armholes

Ok, I am finally at the point where I am going to bind off for the armhole. I have asked before about short row shaping and I would like to try it. I watched Amys video but am still a little confused because she talks about the shoulders. I am doing the armhole so do I still do sloped or short rows here. Can someone spell it out a little more for me. I can be a little thick sometimes. :oops: I would really like to learn this. I have my sweater on circ and have divided it onto two needles. My pattern says

bind off for armhole at ecah side every other row 3sts 1 time, 2sts 2 times, 1st 3 times. I know how to do this but am confused about the short row.
My first row is a purl row. What do you think? When I first learned how to do the shaping for BO Ingrid spelled it out for me row for row until I got it. I guess I just dont know where to start.

The only short rows I know about is for the shoulder in anticipation of three-needle bind off.

I do the armholes as written. :shrug:

Well, that explains a lot. I guess that is why I am so confused about it. :teehee: :notworthy: I knew you could help me. I will get back to you when I am doing the shoulders.

I guess I am going to have to wait until I knit my next sweater to try short row shaping because this pattern has no shaping at the shoulders.
After shaping the neck it just says to bind off the shoulders. I will do a three needle BO. Thanks