Short Row Questions

I got this wonderful product brochure from Knitpicks the other day and it has a very informative section on shortrows. Anyway, I made a top-down sweater and I really hated the way it fit around the neck. As a seamstress, I know that the back neck needs to be formed. I’m reading and studying the tutorial: and it explains how to do one or two rows to eliminate my problem. My questions are:

When I finish the ribbing and start my increases, is that when I need to apply the short row technique? And won’t I just start right at the back neck sts? Has anyone done this on a top down and are the two rows going to be enough? I’m not sway backed so shouldn’t need much, just want it to feel right-know what I mean? HELP! The one sweater I made was too big and a friend snatched it right up, so now I’m ready to do one tailored properly for me. TIA

I’ve never done short rows to shape a sweater, but I do remember Elizabeth Zimmerman talking about adding short rows to sweaters at the back to make for a better fit. Maybe you could borrow one of her books from the library if you don’t have one?

Thanks, I’ll see if the local library has one. Mary

I think there’s a site that shows how to start a top down sweater and it includes short rows. Back in a minute when I find it…

Found what I was looking for but it didn’t have the short row technique. However,

I finally found this page which does describe how to raise the neck with short rows.

:muah: :muah: :cheering: Oh THANK YOU, Suzeeq, this is just what I needed! I’ll dance at your wedding! :thumbsup: Mary

Aaack no more weddings! Been there, did that, not doing it again!