Short Row Question

I have a question about short row shaping. I am making this tank top

Mind you this is my first garment…so far so good. I did not buy very expensive yarn as I thought it best to just produce one and see how it turns out :rollseyes:. So back to the question…I am at the point that I can add the short row shaping for the bust. It says for C cup repeat the short row once and D cup twice. Once, is 6 stitches away from the edge. Does twice mean 12 stitches away from the edge or does it mean to complete 6 then pick up the wraps and then do it again. Make sense?

Also, while I am asking…when I do the decreasing and increasing on the side…the pattern says to decrease on the edge…would a person decrease on the first stitches or would a person be better to knit one and then do the decrease?

Thanks much!
Rhonda - who just might finish a tank top…who keeps saying “I think I can…I think I can” :lol:

I think you would do it 12 sts from the edge. Makes more sense to me though I’ve never done a top with short rows, but that would deepen the curve.


I’m making that pattern too and I wasn’t clear on how to do the top shaping. Sue, you are right, you do 12 wraps for the larger bust size.

Here’s a link I found to an article on Knitty on short row shaping.

This is what the article says (you have to scroll down to find it:)

[I] The pattern says:
“Note: If you wear a C-cup bra or larger, here is the place to put more short rows as worked at the bottom edge. Repeat those instructions once for a C-cup, twice for D, etc. After all short rows have been completed, work one final row across all sts, picking up wraps.” [/I]
[I] So: for a C-cup you would short row until 6 stitches on each side of front have been wrapped.[/I]
[I] For a D-cup, you would short row until 12 stitches on each side of front have been wrapped.[/I]
[I] For a B-cup with ease, you could short row until 3 stitches on each side of front have been wrapped, which would solve the armhole gaping problem many of us have.[/I]

Yippee, I’m so glad I found this thread – I would have never looked and would have done the pattern wrong!


Thanks so much for the responses…and good luck with your tank!! I am now doing the front over the shoulder pieces…no matter how it turns out it has been good practice!!

I posted this on another thread but here’s a link to some other ways of short row shaping:

Nona Knits: Tips and Techniques

Scroll down until you find the section on short rows. Nona lists 2 other ways of doing short row shaping besides the wrap and turn method.

I am going to experiment with them as I am just at the shaping part of my tank top.

Hope this helps someone out there!