Short row question re: turn rib to end

I’m making a sweater, Debbie Bliss’ shawl collar jacket. in the directions it says NEXT TWO ROWS: rib 14, turn, rib to end.
NEXT TWO ROWS: rib 16, turn, rib to end. etc…
My question… may be silly, but when it says next two rows, does the row when I turn and go back count as one of those rows? Or do I do TWO rows of rib 14, turn, rib to end, then TWO rows of rib 16, turn, rib to end, etc??
Am I as confusing as mud??
Holly in BC

Seems to me that the two rows are the rib 14 (row one) and rib to end (row two). So only do the rib 14, turn, rib to end once and then the rib 16, turn, rib to end once.

Thanks!! That’s what I thought but I’ve already ripped the whole thing out once because something was wrong and the whole collar was weirdly shaped. So I’m trying to figure out where I went wrong, lol. Thanks for your help!!! I’ll try it again.

Could you link to a picture of the jacket? I’d like to see what the collar looks like. I just did a shawl collar on a sweater and I’m interested in seeing how working this one this way turns out. I’d have been looking for interpretive help also. :mrgreen:

hi! I don’t have an actual picture of MY sweater, but here is a link to THE sweater

so far mine looks just like these pictures, but I am now about to sew the thing together, and the instructions are very confusing…mostly because there is no real “shaping” to this sweater… hmmm here i go!

Wow, I like it a lot! Good luck with the sewing. Sometimes the photos are more help than the instructions. Love to see yours when you finish.