Short Row picking up wraps

I am working on a sweater with short rows. I know how to do them and I know how to wrap and turn. My question is this: If you are instructed to (for example), K12, W & Turn, then purl back and turn to start another knit row that says, K10, W & T, then you are not knitting to the first knit row wrap because you are only knitting 10 sts. before another wrap and turn, so how do you wrap the knit stitch that you did on the K12 that you didn’t reach on the next knit row? Do you then pick up the wrap on the next purl row? If so, how do you pick up a wrap on a purl row?

I understand how to pick up wraps, but again, if you’re not knitting up to that wrap, how can you pick it up?

I am probably over-thinking this, but if someone can put me straight, I would be able to continue.

Usually there is a finishing row following the W&T rows that is knit over all the sts. That’s when you likely pick up the wraps on that first k12 row.
Here’s a good video for picking up wraps on the purl row.