Short row pattern help needed

The pattern I am following has the following instructions which has me stumped.

“Work 7 pairs of short rows of 4 sts over the left and rightmost 28 sts. Next RS pick up and knit wraps or knit paired stitches together”

Can anyone help clarify this??
Thanks in advance

Welcome to the forum!
Short rows are extra rows knit into a project in order to shape it. You’ll be working partway along the row and then turning as you would at the end of a row and then working back over those same sts. There’s a video at the top of the page if you need it.
For your pattern it sounds like you work to 4sts from the end, turn and work back. On the next row work to 8sts before the end and turn. Keep working 4 fewer sts every other row.
In order to avoid holes, you usually do a wrap and turn as in the video here or some other method like German short rows, shadow short rows etc.
Can you give us a pattern name or a link to the pattern?

Thanks so much for the quick reply. I know about short rows, I just was not clear on how to these with the wording used. Thanks for clarifying.

On the final step, will I be reducing the number of stitches when I knit the wraps or paired stitches together? It seems I will be.

The pattern is called Sunburst Cable Cardigan. The cardigan is knit sideways in one piece. This final part is for the top of the back.

Thanks again for your help.

Very pretty pattern. I love the detail on the back.

The stitch number should stay the same. Picking up wraps foe example, and working them together with a stitch maintains the original stitch number. That’s true for other short row techniques that I’ve seen.

Thanks for the response. The video was excellent. Now to finish this cardigan!