Short row knitting!

I am making booties on a pattern that calls for short rows. I’m a little confused on how to do them. I looked on and they had one way to do this. It is doing a wrapped method, I think. lol Can anyone tell me how to knit short rows or a site that can show me with a video or a very good explanation? Remember…I’m fairly new!! :knitting: :knitting: lol
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There is a video here at knittinghelp on the Advanced Techniques page near the bottom. There’s also a tutorial with pictures at Knitty.

Short rows are the scourge of my existence. For some reason I just suck at them. One thing that helps me to remember how to do them is that I turn the work, then I remember to put the yarn on the side of the work that I need the yarn to be on for whatever stitch comes next. So if a knit comes next, I make sure that the yarn in on the back of the work before I start to slip the stitch. And I always try to remember that the first slip comes off the right kneedle.

Theres TONS of ways people do short rows…

I personally dont like the wrap method…I have tried wrapping, holding my toung just right, standing on my head…ect ect. to get the holes gone.
But I couldnt do it untill I found this (since i learned how to do it, the website has lost its pictures. But the directions are still there and if you scroll down it still directs you to videos for right side and left side short rows.) Its a round about way of doing the “Japanese Short Row” method. This method is easy and no holes for my socks!! I use this method for my toes and my heels.
(Nona Knits has a tut for Japanese Short rows)
But many people do the “wrap” method with much sucess. So try all kinds of ways till you find the one that works for you!:thumbsup:

Much Luck to ya!!!:knitting: