Short Row Help

Hi everyone:

This one should be pretty simple, but I am a little stuck. I finally figured out how to do the short row for the most part, but I am stuck on wrapping on the purl side. When I get to the wrap it’s hard for me to figure out how to actually purl it. I grab the wrap and try to purl it with the stich on the needle, but it doesnt seem right.

I appreciate any help or insite.

Place yarn in back as if to knit, slip next stitch off left needle purlwise onto right needle, bring yarn forward as if to purl, slip stitch from right needle back to left needle, turn (yarn will already be at back) and begin knitting again. It might be wrong but this is the way I do it. HTH Mary


Thank you to the person who replied, but I actually know how to do the short row part, but it is the purling the wraps I have a problem with. It just seems quite awkward that when I go to purl the wraps it just seems impossible to pick up the wrap and then somehow purl the stitch on the needle.

Okay, I think I’m not explaining my question right. I am doing the short row and wrap part right, but it is when I get to knitting the wrap I am having problems with… better yet it’s the purling part. I guess I am supposed to be picking it up and purling it with the stitch on the needle closest to it, but it just seems quite awkward and wondered if possibly I am doing it wrong.

I’m so sorry for abandoning you, just got busy at work and couldn’t really stop to help. Let me refer you to: which should help answer most if not all of your questions. Mary