Short row help

I’m getting ready to start the urban rustic gloves from Knitty ( and I need a little help understanding their short row instructions, since I’ve never done short rows before. I looked on the video here, but it seems a little different from the pattern. The directions say:

"When short rows are turned in this pattern, the directions will read as follows:
K(number of sts), turn.

This means:
Knit to turning point, turn work to begin working back in the other direction, bring yarn over right needle to back of work, forming a yo (yarn over); you are ready to knit the next row.

When you reach this turning point while working a subsequent row, work as follows:
Knit to the yo, then knit the yo together with the following stitch. This will close the hole that would otherwise be formed by turning the short row."

I guess I have a few questions…for one thing, since you’re knitting the whole thing in garter stitch, how would you get a yo by bringing the yarn to the back? Wouldn’t you get it by bringing it to the front? And then I don’t totally understand how to knit the yo later. Any help?

You’re basically right about the YO, I think- the yarn is in the back, you bring it to the front and then over the needle, so it ends up in the back again. That’s why they say ‘over the needle to back’.

As for knitting the yo later- you just do a k2tog with the next stitch, just as you would if it was 2 regular stitches instead of one yo and one regular stitch.