Short row help

I’m attempting to make this hat:
I’ve got the cast-on down, but now I’m little confused as to how to start knitting.

Each time you change colors, bring the new color to the front and over the old color to create a neat, consistent border along the bottom edge of the hat.


This pattern is worked with two strands of yarn held together throughout.

How exactly do I hold the two strands of yarn?
Thanks so much!

Under advanced techiniques it show’s how under “How to knit with 2 colors at a time:”

The first one shows you holding one yarn continental and one yarn english and going back and forth, or you can continually drop and pick up…which sounds irritating to me. There were a couple others I haven’t looked at yet.

I don’t think it’s stranding you want…when a pattern asks for two strands of yarn held together, I simply wrap them both around my fingers and knit as usual, making sure to catch both strands with each stitch.

This pattern has you hold 2 strands of the same color as you work, then change to 2 strands of the other color on another row. Just hold the two yarn strands as if they were one very thick one. When you drop a color to work with the other one, twist the strands of that color around the other color for the edge.

Aha! I thought it was supposed to be one strand of each color, not two strands of the same color. Got it now!
Thank you!!!

I’m making this hat right now. I didn’t like the bulkiness of the two strands held together. I’m sure I’m going to have to compensate for that on down the line, but I figured I could maybe just add an extra section. And crochet or pick-up and knit a ribbed band on the bottom. Most likely it will end up frogged and back in a ball…