Short row help

:??i am knitting the topi hat from knitty. the brim has short rows, and i am working on the underside now. i am almost certain i didn’t do my short rows right. i tried watching amy’s video here, and she goes too fast for me to follow what is going on. does anyone know of another video i can watch to figure it out?

i feel knitting dumb on this! usually i can read directions and watch a video and everything is great, but this, just doesn’t look right or feelright. and definatly doesn’t look nice. thanks! :pout:

I think that if you know that you were right on track before the short rows, it really comes down to just trusting the pattern and doing what it says. Sorry I don’t know of any more videos, but short rows often don’t “feel right” to me, and they end up fine as long as I’m paying close attention to the directions. Good luck :slight_smile:

I don’t know of a video, but the drawings and written instruction in the Vogue Knitting book were very good and I learned to do it from that. You may be able to get this book at a library.

If you had everything right before the short rows, you should be okay. But, as long as you’re turning and working back, stopping, turning, etc. as the pattern directs, you should be fine. You can learn to do the wrap from Amy’s video, it shows it clearly enough. Once you get the wrap down, you can do any short row, but even the wrap isn’t necessary. If you can’t get it, don’t worry about it, they’ll look alright in the end.

Here are a couple of visuals/articles.

thanks everyone… off to check out those links!