Short row heels

I am sooooooooo stuck! :wall: I have read -knitted, ripped out and re-knitted and ripped out so often that my sock heel will be worn out before I ever get this sock completed.

I don’t think I understand the concept of wrapping and sadly I do not seem to be able to recognize a wrapped stitch when I knit back on the next row.

Any wisdom out there?

Anna Marta (who is sitting here at midnight alone and unhappy)

Hiya anna,
When I do my short row heels I always use the Sherman sock heel and toe. here’s the link to it for ya.
[COLOR=#008000]This pattern is very easily adapted to any even count of stitches.[/COLOR]
[COLOR=#008000]If you have any questions on how to adapt the technique let me know and I’ll do my best to help you.:thumbsup: [/COLOR]