Short row heel

hello smart women. When making a short row heel, with the wrap and turn, does it matter which side-front or back that you pick up to knit (or purl) together with the stitch that it is wrapped around?

Just knit or purl it as you usually would. Or do the decrease as the pattern asks (k2tog or whatever).

I haven’t knit a short-row heel in ages (I don’t like the holes and am too impatient to figure out a way to fix them), but I don’t recall there being anything different about the knitting or purling.

Are you wondering which way to pick up the wrap??? If so, if it’s on a knit row you pick up the wrap from the front with the tip of your right hand needle, then insert needle into the stitch itself and knit them together. If it’s on the purl row you pick up the wrap from the back of the loop and place it on the left hand needle, then purl the stitch and the wrap together.

You can see Amy demonstrating this here: at the bottom of the page.

Yes Knitqueen, that’s exactly what I was asking, thank you for understanding. I’m so new to this I don’t even seem to be able to ask a question clearly. sigh Thanks also for the very clear answer.

Angelia-no short row heels for you? What method do you use? I recently wore out several yards of yarn trying to teach myself a way to get rid of those pesky holes.

Thanks to both of you for responding :heart: ,

This page has the directions for making several different kinds of heels

And THIS page shows what each heel looks like!

Very cool, I often go back and oogle the heels. Alas, no appropriately sized needles in my arsenal for socks.

I found that the holes don’t close up when I just pick them up, but a little experimentation revealed that they close up nicely when I twisted the wrap by itself (using a sl as to knit). I had to do it twice to get things to line up right, until the wrap was twisted the right direction and snuggled up against the stitch. A little messy, maybe, but I now have no holes in my heels, so it might be something for the desperate to try… :wink:

I use the “rounder heel” on the sock-knitter’s heels-by-number page. I like that heel-shaping best because of the way it sits–no bumpies on the bottom of my foot. :wink: If I’m using an actual pattern to knit socks, I ignore the heel instructions and use the rounder heel.

You are all so great, thank you. Is is weird that I’m going to spend an entire weekend working on the heel of a sock? :rofling:

If it’s weird, then I’m weird too! :smiley: It took me forever to find a heel I liked!

Angelia, thanks-I’m in good company then. I found a heel that leaves me without holes!
ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. It even works with Socketta, which I’m not crazy about.