Short row heel - same up as down?

Hi all - I have decided the easiest way to make my Pomatomus mirror images is to do one toe-up and one top-down. The heel is a flap heel. I am finding the conversion to a toe-up flap heel very difficult and prefer to do a short-row heel.
Once I figure out how many stitches I’ll work it over, can I do it the exact same way on the other sock coming from the other direction? Same thing right? The number of stitches to knit to at the start of the heel before I start short-rowing etc.?

Also, will it be difficult to do a twisted rib heel, or is that reasonably intuitive?


Yes, a short row heel is the same both ways. I don’t know about the twisted rib. Wouldn’t that make the heel bulky?

I should have mentioned that the Poms have a twisted rib heel. I think rather than ‘bulk’ per se it might make the heel just thicker,maybe it would wear better, like a slipped-stitch heel or eye-of-partridge? Would that work for a short-row heel?
I think as written the pattern would just put the ribs on the back of the heel, but the SR heel would put the twists/ribs on the base, which would probably feel wrong underfoot. I think I’ll look into eye of partridge to see if it can be done both up and down.