Short row heel question

Ok I am working on the 1 toe up socks on 2 circular needles that Silver has on her website. I have never done short row heels nor have I seen it done (other than the pictures she has). I tried to take pictures of what I have done. Does this look right? If not, can you figure out what I’m doing wrong? LOL

I’ve frogged it 2 times and it’s looked the same. maybe I just don’t trust myself but I’m really excited about these socks and this new technique, I want to do it correctly :slight_smile:

Thanks for any input or direction you can give me!

Hi, I posted something similar about doing short rows and never got an answer so I went to Ravelry and submitted it there. It got picker up fairly quickly. FYI you might try posting there to get help. I,m not in any way knocking Knittinghelp. It,s just that there doesn’t seem to be much interest in short rows today.:wink:

:think: I’ll have to look at Silver’s pattern…but I’m kinda wondering about the two sts that look like they have one wrap going around them…usually my short rows only have a wrap going around one sts…but there are so many different way to do a short row…

I looked at Silver’s and hers looks the same like the wrap is only around one stitch…is that how yours is or is the wrap around 2sts? :teehee:

I agree, it looks like you’re wrapping two stitches when you should be wrapping only one. Can you explain exactly what steps you’re taking?

I think what I was doing ( I’ve figured it out) is that when I would slip the stitch, wrap the yarn, slip the stitch, I would slip the next stitch before I would move the yarn back so that would wrap 2 stitches instead of one. Does that make sense? Now I’m trying to figure out how to do the next part of the short row heel!

I hate that I don’t have anyone that knits near me to sit down and look at what I do! Plus I’ve never seen or done short row heels before!

Thank you for the help! At this rate, I’ll be back with another!