Short row double-wrapped stitches

in the universal toe up sock pattern from knitty, there are instructions on how to work the wrapped stitches on short rows but then on double-wrapped just says “k double-wrapped stitch.” how does one do that and forgive me if i’m just missing that somewhere…


When wrapping stitches at turning points of short rows which follow, note that stitches will now have two wraps; these stitches will be referred to as double-wrapped stitches. When working a double-wrapped stitch on a subsequent row, pick up both wraps and work them together with the stitch which had been wrapped.

ok duh. sorry. i’ve started this pattern like 18 times and missed it all 18 times. thanks a bunch. so where it tells you in the instructions how to do the wrapped stitches, you follow that very same instruction, only grab both. thank you!

:thumbsup: No problem!!! I do that too-- I skip important parts because I’m too excited to get to the pattern :teehee: