Short row decreasing for top of hood


Tried three times and each time one side decreases and the other doesn’t. Can’t see what I’m doing wrong.

Hope someone can help, linda


Welcome to KH!
According to the pattern you should knit across the given number of sts for your size, k2tog then turn to the purl side and purl across the center sts, ending with a p2tog. Those two decreases will decrease the number of sts on each side of the hood leaving a center panel for the top of the hood.
Are you decreasing at the ends of the knit sts and again at the ends of the purls? What size are you making?


I’m knitting the biggest size so the middle is 22 stitches. But I am missing something. I feel I am doing exactly what the pattern calls for. Decreasing by purling two together at the end of a purl row and turning, then knitting two together then knitting into the back of the next stitch on a knit row and turning.


OK, that’s the problem. You want to decrease by p2tog at the end of the purl sts, turn, then knit across the 22sts and k2tog tbl.
If you purl across, p2tog, turn and k2tog tbl, all the decreases will be on one side.

When you knit2tog it’s that k2tog that should be through the back loop, not the next stitch.


Thank you so much! Now I see what I have done! I was k2 tog THEN knitting an extra stitch tbl . Now that I look there is no comma, it’s k2 tog tbl.
Thank you sooo much! What a relief. I was going nuts.