Short row confusion

I am knitting a toy Scottie dog, I have got to the neck area and have gotten a little lost now. I learnt how to do wrap and turn but what I don’t get is what the pattern means after row 176 (see below). How do I know which one is the short row?
This is the pattern:
Row 172: K54, w&t
Row173: P58, w&t
Row174:K55, w&t
Row175:P52, w&t
Row176:K49, w&t
Continue in this manner for a further 48 rows, working 3 stitches fewer per short row.
Row225: P10, w&t
Can anyone help??? What would be my next, say 5 rows. It can’t just be 3 less per row as I’d run out of stitches.
Thank u in advance xxx

I agree, you’ll run out of sts before you get to row 225 if you work 3 sts fewer each short row. (Each of the rows that you quote is a short row.)
Can you give us a link to the pattern or a pattern name and source? Have you checked online for errata?

Gosh I never thought about errata! You are right there is a mistake there. Just taken up knitting again last year after having learnt at school 20+ years ago, so this pattern has been a bit of a challenge to say the least. Right I will try to see if that makes more sense and post again later. Thank you so much for your help, I was so frustrated! Ur a star xxx

Yes, these toys are a challenge. Good luck with finishing!
Glad to see the errata. Row 189 makes sense instead of 225.