Short row confusion

I’ve figured out how to work the short rows in my pattern… I’m just confused about how often. I’m making a cape thing and so the short rows make it flair at what will be the bottom.

Here’s where I’m confused
Next (RS) row:
work short rows as foll: * work 23 sts, turn, yo, work
to end.
Next (WS) row:
work in rib pattern as established, k2tog tbl the yo
tog with next st to prevent hole.
Next (RS) row:
work in rib pattern as established. Repeat from * to
end of work.

Is it a short row for every other RS row? Am I reading that right?

Sure looks that way. If it repeats around, it would make a nice flare at that rate…

Huh. See, I read that as you’re just doing one set of short rows. “Rib pattern as established” would be as it was established before you hit the short rows. I would have written it to say “repeat the last two rows xx times” if I wanted you to do another set(s) of short rows.

Is there a row later where it says “ok, stop doing short rows and just do rib?”

Pattern link so we can see what you’re working on? That would also make a difference because something very curved would call for more short rows than just one, but something like just adding a tiny bit of height to a collar or more depth in the shoulder back area might need just one.

Sorry I’m slow in replying.
Here’s the pattern. I did the short rows all along the thing. It’s got a nice flair to it.
And it’s fuzzy and warm. I can’t wait till it gets cold.
I’ll have to stop by with pictures after I take them.