Short Row Confusion

I am having difficulty determining where to start short rowing for shoulder shaping. I have read that you add an extra row (past the BO step row) to start short rowing. I have also read that you start the short rowing one row before the pattern calls for the BO stepping.

In the Knitter’s Book of Finishing Techniques it says, “Knit across the row until the number of stitches you were to bind off remains on the left needle.” I’m assuming that means you start short rowing on the SAME row as the BO instructions – am I reading this right?

Can anyone clear this up for me?

Thank you,


That’s the way I’ve done it. I think the instructions in that book are wonderful, so I follow them.

I’ve done the shaping on the previous/following row. For instance, if you’re working left front panel (on body) and first BO says to do 3, you’d normally do the 3 BOs on the RS. However, I’d work the RS and then I’d work across WS til I had the 3 remaining, W&T (thereby forcing those to create the slope) and then work back.

In order for the BO sts to be the last sts still remaining on your needle means that you’re now on the opposite row from which you’d normally work them. (They’re the first sts on the RS, in this case.) Make sense? Hope so.