Short row advice for maternity top?

So I’m going to try to make this top: and try to modify it to give room for a preggo belly. I pretty sure short rows are my ticket, but is there some sort of guideline as to how often or how many short rows to put in there? I know I can get an idea of how many total by the row count and figuring how many rows/inch I want to add. But how wide should they be, should the short rows be all together, decreasing one stitch each time through the majority of the belly area? Or should I space them out? My only short row experience so far is the butt on some baby pants, that turned out pretty okay. Those short rows were done about 1" apart, one stitch smaller each time.

Any help would be appreciated!

Wow…that might be a tough one to modify for maternity. :?? Hope someone else can help!

Hello Birdiefu! (not birdie flu, I hope…boom tish!)

If you make all your short rows in one block, your radius of curvature will be smaller than if you spread out the short rows in between normal, straight-across rows.

That’s a nice top! but, I think short-rows would emphasise your belly too much! Maybe you should flare out the lower half of the top instead, like a “baby-doll” style dress. And it will drape gently over your newly developing child - and you can still wear it after baby is born. Good luck - with both knitting & gestating!

This was along my train of thought too, I personally would make the lace work band thinner, so that it would be hugging the top of your bulge more as it develops, and not actually going over your bulge, if you get me, then do the short rowing under it so that the bottom of the top drapes over your belly.

Thanks for the advice, ladies! Yes, I’m planning on making the lace part higher/skinnier so it’s just under the boobs. So spaced out short rows would work well? I don’t mind the fitted-over-tummy look, I’m getting bored of all the maternity tops that hang loose and swing around- this might be a good ‘hoochie-mama’ maternity top :teehee: . That and I would have no idea how to flare out the bottom- paired increases on either side of the front?

I hope it turns out wearable and I don’t have to frog too many times. Thanks again!