short rounds in the round

my question is, does the direction to knit and decrease for raglan on the front piece, sleeve, back piece, sleeve and front piece mean to decrease in the same manner I did at the sleeves for the raglan portion of rhe sweater?

What is the name of your pattern?
Yes, it’s likely that you continue the same method and spacing of decreases as in earlier rounds.

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Very nice!
Looks like the same decreases along the raglan lines on the RS rows.

Thank you so much for the help. it is greatly appreciated.

sorry, I have one more question. In the pattern ( pictured above) in the 3rd RS notation it reads to slip stitch, knit and decrease for raglan until 6 stitches remain before marker, turn. does this mean as I started on the marker to the right if the 10 stitches in the middle, and the row I mentioned says to decrease for raglan, do I go all the way aroynd to 6 stitches before the other marker opposite to where I started?

The markers they’re talking about are the ones either side of the center 10sts.
Yes, start on the right side marker (right side as you would wear the sweater), knit around front, right sleeve, back, left sleeve and front up to 6sts before the marker on the other side of those 10 center sts.

You are amazing, thank you for all your help.

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when I am working the first WS slip stitch until 6 stitches before marker, am I going all the way around to the marker on the other side of the 10 stitches?

some times the way the pattern is written makes feel so stupid. lol

Yes, the idea of the short rows is to shape the back of the sweater. There’ll be more rows in that back which will raise it up and make the fit better and more comfortable.
I’ve never worked short row turns at the same stitch before (6sts before the center on either side). The short rows have always been offset by a couple of sts. See how this goes.