Short poncho in pineapple pattern wanted

I saw a lady at the grocery store today with a short poncho-like cover…reached about her elbows (there must be a name for this piece of clothing…but I don’t know what it may be???) in a pineapple stitch…there weren’t any seams so I take it that it was knit with circular needles/in the round. It was lacey looking and she had a black turtleneck underneath with black pants… that made this violet poncho look lovely. Does anyone have a pattern they could share for this?

To my knowledge, and I’ve been wrong before, but generally pinapple stitch is a crochet stitch. I suggest flipping through some crochet doily books. Those are generally worked in thread so if you scale it up to worsted weight yarn, you just might get the look you are going for. To make room for your head, you could start 10 rounds in or something like that.