Short one row

I am doing this pattern:


Light Gray
•With Light Gray, CO 145. Join & PM, being careful not to twist st.
•Place cable panel markers: K64, P2, PM, K12, PM, P2, K to end.
•Work 13 more rnds in pattern
•K 64, P2, SM, Cable 12 back, SM, P2, K to end
•Work 8 more rnds in pattern

Switch to Medium Gray. Starting with #3, work as for Light Gray.

Switch to Dark Gray.

I thought I bought enough yarn, but I just started this pattern and I ran out of yarn of the first color after completing 7 rows after the cable instead of 8…will this work with only the 7 rows or will it throw the whole thing off???

Thank you for any help


Why not add in an extra round of the medium gray as round 8?
It’s best to edit your post to delete everything after the directions for the dark gray. We really don’t need all the rest.

Thank your for your reply, it is a free pattern, but I still edited it .


It doesn’t matter if it’s free. A few pattern designers have complained so we have to be careful.

Thank you for doing that. :thumbsup: