Short interchangeable needles - 2 sets

I’m new to knitting. Last week I received two sets of the new Knit Picks shorter interchangeable needles. I’m mostly interested in knitting hats and socks. Will there be a time I could use the sets together? Or should I send one set back for a different size?

Since I only see one kind of shorter interchangeables at Knit Picks, I’m thinking you mean you have two sets of sizes 4-10 needles now?

How many needles you have of any given size depends on how you knit. If you’re a one-project-at-a-time person, you’ll never need to have two size 6 needles at a time. Me, I frequently knit with size 6 and usually have a hat and sweater in the works at the same time, so I need two size 6. But that’s the only size I really need two sets of.

Me - I’d return one set. The beauty of interchangeables is you can get just the pieces you need, which means just one more set of size 7 tips or three more 16" cables, etc. I don’t think these are small enough for socks unless you’re doing magic loop or two at a time, so you’ll likely want a longer cable anyway.

(Side note since you’re new to knitting, you might discover you don’t like the shorter needles anyway. The standard 4.5" needles work just fine for hats. The main place you have to look for shorter needles is in the big fat sizes as they tend to come in 5" lengths, which is too long for the 16" cables. I have some fixed 16" ones in sizes 10.5 and 11 with shorter needles so I can do hats, but it’s far more tiring on my hands to use the shorter lengths.)

Thank-you so much for your help. That is exactly the information I was looking for.

Glad to hear it. Have fun with your new needles!

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There is a method of knitting in the round that uses two circular needles so if you’re likely to do that then keep them. I knit socks at the same time on separate needles using magic loop for each one. This also requires the same size needles. I also have multiple projects so multiple needles of the same size. If you think none of these situations would apply to you then return them. Personally I have at least two sets and in some cases 3 of certain needles. I’m not a monogamous knitter. :wink:

My friend is teaching me how to crochet in the round using two sets of circular needles. I’ve been using her needles which are longer, but I’ll experiment with the shorter ones to see how I like them. I usually have more than one project going when I crochet, so I’m sure I’ll be the same with knitting. Thank-you so much for your advice. I REALLY appreciate it.

Crochet and knit are two different things and don’t use the same needles. Which is it you’re doing then?

I’m just saying I have more than one project going in crochet, so I will probably do the same in knitting. In knitting I know my needles would be tied up so I would need more than one set. Thanks again :slight_smile:

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I meant to say knit in the round, not crochet in the round! Duh!

LOL Okay, gotcha! I personally don’t think you can go wrong with more than one set of needles. I started with two sets…one birch and one nickel plated. I’ve since bought many different needle tips and cables (not full sets) and now probably have 3-4 sets of some sizes. I also have needles lost in unfinished projects that I really need to recover!!

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