Short color repeat sock?

Not really sure how to phrase this question, but I was about 3/4 of the way done with a pair of socks for my husband and I just ripped them out. I haven’t liked them since I started them and I decided no point in finishing them if I don’t like them. My biggest problem is that the yarn is hand dyed and the color repeats are just too short so the socks looked dumb. I can’t pick new yarn b/c this was done in his alumni colors and he was very excited to have the socks…is there a way to mask the short repeats?

That is a problem. One of the tricks for awkward repeats is to use two balls of yarn at the same time, alternating them every row or every other row but I don’t know of any tricks for repeats that are too short.
Sometimes it’s not easy but I have knit a few things in yarn chosen by someone else that wasn’t especially to my liking. Can you search for yarn in the same colors with longer stretches of each color?

What is the problem? Is the color pooling?What yarn is it?