Short bits of yarn

Hi everyone,

I have about 20 pieces of yarn all of the same type, colour and length. They all measure at about 60 or 70 cm.

What can I do with them other than join into one long piece of yarn?

They are suitable for needles size 4.1/2 to 5.1/2 mm. May be I can use them as little fringes at the end of a scarf.

Thanks for your suggestions.


Or save them to use as lifelines in a lacey project, or for when you need to do a provisional caston.

Thanks Kelly,

I will save them for now. Just a small correction on their length - if it matters they are more like a meter long.


PERFECT for those things that I listed above! :cheering:

I’ve also read that they can be used for stuffing those little animals you may be knitting. :wink:

I use pieces of yarn that are a metre or two long to make mini granny squares {1 or 2 rounds, not granny’s daughters}. I have a scrap afghan on the go where I join all of them into a cathedral windows-type pattern. This afghan has been a WIP for about three to four years now, and once done, will have reminders and memories of all the projects that “donated” to it. If you can crochet, it’s just an idea.

Thanks everyone,

I’ve just come back from a friend’s house and asked her mum about it and she said to save them and make a blanket of little squares out all the left over yarn that I end up with.

Thank you all for your suggestions.

Kelly, you are luck that I don’t live near you because I’ve got my eyes set on your little dog - BIG TIME! He is a treasure.