Short a stitch - making "Interlude" shawl by Janina Kallio


I’m working on the Interlude shawl by Janina Kallio.

Just finished the third section (k2, kfb, repeat yo, k2tog, kfb, k2).
Started next section which is k2, kfb, knit to end, kfb, k2. This goes on for ten rows. I got distracted at the end of the first garter stitch row and thought I’d forgotten to do the kfb. I tried to tink back and made it worse by tinking the kfb and I didn’t know what to do. The stitches looked totally unrecognizable to me.
So, I went to my fantastic local knitting store and a very nice woman there helped me get the stitches back in order and finish the row.
Now though the stitch count is one stitch short.
Can I just add a M1 in one of the garter rows to get the stitch count back up? Does it matter if it’s left or right leaning or where in the row it is? Or would a different increase work better? I’m enough of an amateur to be unsure about how to best add an increase in rows where I’m already increasing on each side on every row…

Does anyone have a good idea for a quick fix?

Really lovely shawl!

Your solution sounds good to me. Either right or left leaning will work and you can probably place it anywhere towards the center of the row. Hidden in a garter stitch knit row, it’ll practically disappear.

Thank you so much!!
I will give this a try.