Short a row after switching needles

I am knitting a hat and had to switch to a smaller needle after casting on and joining. After doing so and knitting 2-3 rows I noticed that one side of my round has one less row. I’m perplexed as to how this happened.

I’m hoping there’s a way to fix this w/o having to start over. Hopefully the pictures will show it clearly enough. Any help is appreciated!

I have a bit difficulties to see what happened because the colors of the yarn is so dark, but do you think there is a chance you switched direction at some point?

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With garder stitch patterns it is easy to pick up after a time away and do an accidental turn in the middle of a row.
But the pattern makes it hard to see after.

Count your rows and place one marker at each end of the area with the extra row (or two). K or P past the first marker at the beginning of the “missing row(or two)” area until you reach the marker for the end of the Missing row. ()Turn and k/p back to the other end if the missing row area.
If you are missing one more row repeat from (
) to here.
Other wise just rm and continue your pattern and remove the other extra marker leaving just your end of round marker.

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Thanks so much! That makes sense and I can see how to do that.
Appreciate your help!


My guess you picked up your needles 180* (degrees) flipped, knitted across…or the wrong way…leaving the other half un-worked…shortening up your row on that one side…

Eh? (Happy Holidays!)

Thanks for weighing in. I think you’re right.