:cheering: I shopped… shopped shopped shopped :cheering:

Is it wrong that purchasing yarn helps me forget about the pain in my gum? :roflhard:

Okay, so I bought my boye needle set… super dooper :cheering: !!! I also bought all the yarn for my FIL’s hats. I got some “Incredible” to make a scarf, and some “magic stripes” sock yarn and size 3 dpns to attempt some socks. Oh, and I also found some Noro Kureyon for $8.00… so I HAD :inlove: to buy it… I got the “radiant blue/purple” color and I’m not sure what to make out of it. Maybe a scarf… or possibly a funky hat for my DD. I don’t know yet… any ideas? Have any of you bought the Kureyon yet and is it as vibrant as it looks online??

I’m so excited… ~SQUEE~ my DH may have to clean up the puddles! :roflhard:

i think a lot of people use the Kureyon for the booga bag…i just can’t find it in the colors of the sample on that site…i LOVE those colors! i did get some the other day too and i am gonna attemp the booga after i do my trio bag. I have another ball of kureyon too but i can’t remember what color it is or how many skeins i bought at that time…will have to look at it…prolly two though.

and yes…i shop for yarn after particularly bad days and always feel better!! :wink:

I bought two skeins. I don’t know if that’s enough to do the booga bag though. I’ll have to look at the pattern again. I will have to wash it at my mom’s house though. Our washer doesn’t have hot water so I can’t felt it here. :rollseyes: I wonder if the kiddo would like a bag like that. Do you have to put a liner inside of it to keep it from stretching or does the felting take care of that?

uuuh…i dunno…i haven’t ever felted anything before cuz i am a-feared that my washin’ contraption won’t do the job. first of all it won’t know what to do with all that hot water in the machine!!! :shock: and it is front loading and i am skeered that it won’t work! i have been armed with instructions on how to do it though so one of these days i will knit a flower or sumpthin’ to see what happens!

I just checked and the booga bag takes 3 skeins. So I can either buy another skein or just nit a hat or something. I don’t know. I’ll see when it all gets here. ~wags tail~ :heart:

I have something ready to felt, for about two months now, and I too am afraid to do it!!! Ihave the front loading Maytag and the owner of the yarn shop said that is what she has too and felts in it all the time. For the purse I have made, with the exact yarns she used, she puts it thru twice. One of these days…(when I have more than one off a week! Right now, I am on day six of eight, then one day off and nine more!)


You guys need some Hildie! She has made a MILLION felted bags, several with Kureyon.

And, otherwise…WHADDARYA WAITING FOR??? FELT IT! Just DO it!! :thumbsup: Whats’ the worst that can happen? Be BRAVE! :cheering: