Shopping trip/Elsebeth Lavold

I visited a LYS (not so local) today in Atlanta…I was very excited b/c they were having a 20% off sale b/c they are moving to a larger store downstairs from the one they are in…it was a today only sale so it was just chance that I happened on it!!!
DH was wonderful–he was with me and suggested I find a pattern for a summer sweater that I like and get it…$91.02 and 1.5 hours later (after the discount too…), we headed home. I got a Elsebeth Lavold pattern book (Designer’s Choice, book two–The Sentimental Journey Collection), a size 4-16" set of addi turbos, a size 11-32" set of addi turbos, and 6 skeins of elsebeth lavold Cotton Patine’. I am soooo excited–I had to share!!

Anyone ever completed an Elsebeth Lavold pattern or used her yarns?

I knitted a sweater for my daughter last summer with Cotton Patine. It was really nice to work with…just don’t treat it with Zout. (What was I thinking??) :doh:

Must have been fate for you to hit the day of the sale! Looks like you made out. :happydance:

I was so excited to find this place…it was sooo busy that it got a little frustrating at one point but all in all it was VERY worth it. I’ve never seen so much Blue Sky yarn or so much Debbie Bliss in my life!!! Oh…and the MDU…I could have just lived there…

Now…if I don’t chicken out and I actually complete this pattern I picked out…it’s pretty simple except for the shoulder edges and neckline. It requires reading a chart–the owner spent a few minutes showing me how and I think I get it…

If you hit any snags, we’ll get you through it!

Ack!!! WHERE!!! Oh, man, it figures that I would miss it.

I’ve done work on some of the Lavold “Viking Knitting” patterns and just a note - her sweaters (at least these) run very big. In my book, her patterns and directions were translated and I had to re-read some things to “get it”. Overall, I enjoyed working her patterns and found them challenging and creative. Please keep us posted on how things work out and what you decide to make.

Maybe you can let me know where this LYS is and where they are moving to? I’m in Marietta but am willing to drive quite a bit! :roflhard: OK, I’ll drive just about all the way down to the Georgia coast but let’s keep that from my DH!


LOL–Angela, it was at Why Knot Knit in Buckhead
They are going to stay in the same building but right now they are the upstairs shop (it’s kind of small) and they are moving to the larger downstairs space. I didn’t get to see the space but it looks to be twice the size of where they are now…I don’t know what shops you’ve been to but this one was the largest I’ve been to so far and so I’m really excited to hear that they are expanding after only one year in business! They are located off of E. Paces Ferry Rd. about a block or two off or the heart of Buckhead.
I do think the sweater is going to be a little big on me–I’m pretty petite…a size 4 and I’m only 5’2. I haven’t figured out what to do about that…I don’t think I’m advanced enough to try and scale it down below size small. The owner of the shop was wearing the exact sweater I am wanting to make and it was big on her–it was a size medium and she’s like 5’10" and probably a size 6 or 8. I won’t be starting it for a couple of weeks so if anyone has any suggestions…I’m all ears…

:cheering: Many thanks, Christy!!! Funny but I just happen to know exactly where this is. And, :shock: oh my gosh, I saw on their web site that they are open on Sunday. Did you say the sale was just Saturday or just this whole weekend?

:thinking: Wonder if I can manage to slip away for a bit?

I don’t have the book that you mentioned but am going to look for it. I love Elsebeth Lavold’s patterns but… I’m thinking that people in Sweden are really… TALL! I’ve made one of her hats and it totally swallowed my head and I started one of her sweaters and it was big enough to fit my 6’7" husband. I didn’t actually finish that one because he said that it was not flattering to his figure. :rollseyes:

Thanks for the info!!!

I believe I heard someone ask and she said that the sale was just today…:frowning: sorry!
Why Knot Knit is out of the book I bought…I got the last copy and it was somewhat worn but I really wanted it. I’m really worried about this pattern–I told my dh what you said and he said well…we’ll save it to be a maternity top or you can belt it and wear it as a dress!!! LOL!

I would call before I go over there today to see about the sale.

:?? Now why on earth would I call? Honestly, Christy, what are you thinking??? If I call and she says, “sorry, it was only Saturday” then I cannot tell the DH, “Sweetie, Christy, on line, said that there was a HUGE sale yesterday at this yarn store so I need to run down there really quick. There’s food and stuff in the fridge so… you and the kids will be fine 'til I get back. Love ya! See ya!” If I don’t know for sure about the sale situation … I should go down and check in person, right?

Honestly, “call first”! I don’t think so!

:angelgrin: Ang

:roflhard: I never really thought of it that way…

Have fun at the yarn store…:slight_smile:

Hi Christy! Just wanted to let you know that while I was not able to escape yesterday… I got there today. Actually, I was out with the DH and we both went. :shock:

The store was a bit overwhelming - I sorta felt like dumping the shelves and rolling around in the yarn. I really think that I went into sensory overload because I didn’t buy a thing. It was odd.

I may pop back by there as there were some very interesting things but… it didn’t happen for me today. I really hate that I missed that sale. :crying:
Keep me posted should you ever come across any great sales - OK?


Hey Angela–will do. Sorry it didn’t go well for you…I was pretty overwhelmed too–when I went it was so busy that I really felt like I was in the way. I wasn’t sure if it’s always that way or if it was b/c of the sale. I’ve only been to that LYS and Needle Nook on Briarcliff–it’s much smaller and somewhat more cramped but the people over there are extra friendly and very helpful. I hear there is a really great place up in Watkinsville and several of my snb ladies want to go–most of us are teachers or work for the schools in some way so we are talking about going next week over the spring break.
I’ll let you know if I hear of anything…hey–are you a member of the atlanta knitting guild? They only meet once a month–I’m thinking of joining.