Shop Zen Yarn Garden!

I’m pleased to launch my new website. After being on for awhile, I finally took the plunge and bought my own domain name. What fun but I’m a little nervous too!

Please visit if you like:

:smiley: I’m about to have a look @ your new site…thanks for posting :thumbsup:

Yeah you! :cheering: What gorgeous colors you have! Yummy :cheering:

Thanks guys! It’s so much fun but I’m also very nervous about this venture…sure hope it works out!

Thanks for visiting! :cheering:

Oh geez! Lookit those sock yarns! I would so kill for a pair of socks in your Avocado Spring colorway… Pity I’m broke. :frowning:

Thanks everyone for the nice comments! I just updated the store with a few new colourways today.

Some more again!! LOL :happydance:

These ones I really haven’t done before…lots of fun with mixing!

Oh wow, I love your colors!!! I so wish I had smoe money right now.