vs KHShop on

GG was right, my blog thread alone was no place for this…

i’d like to know the advantages/disadvantages of buying from the KH shop ( vs buying from the KH shop at amazon ( does KH get more support from one than the other. are there added behind-the-scenes costs that make one marketplace more attractive to the KH biz than the other. are there differences in the customer service, etc etc.

my specific inquiry was/is about a ChiaoGoo set of interchangeables because of a noticeable price difference, but because there are many other products offered on both KHshop and the KH presense on, the answers are likely to be similar.

I will ask Sheldon!

thanks jan! (and sheldon, in advance!).

It’s a good question… is our online shop and items purchased here are lovingly fulfilled daily by yours truly with packages occasionally decorated with doodles by my 6 year old. Most orders ship same day if the order comes in by 1-2PM EST.

Knowing that nearly everyone now shops on Amazon, we have started offering our products through Amazon in order to reach a larger market. Amazon takes about 25%, but they handle the shipping and customer support, returns, etc. for our items when purchased through them. There’s more competition on Amazon and there often is a price race to the bottom. So we adjust regularly adjust prices on Amazon within reason.

I’ve been meaning to run an after christmas sale on ChiaoGoo Red Lace Twist Complete sets, so I have adjusted our price to be more closely in line with our price on Amazon. We also offer free shipping on all orders over $50, so these sets will ship for free within the US.

Thanks for asking,


sheldon - thanks for the detailed and prompt help! i just placed my order. :wink:

Thanks so much for ordering from us. We appreciate it!

I was able to get your order out today before the mail carrier did their pickup, so you should get it by Friday. If you have any problems with the kit, just let me know.

what great service - thanks!

toooooMORROW, toMORROW, my chiaogoo interchangeables set arrives toMORROW, they’re only, a day AWAY!!! :wink:

X - you’re off key! :roflhard: It’s hard waiting, isn’t it?

ahem A-heM COUGH HACK up a Yarn Furball ahem sorry, something in my throat there… doooh-reee-miii-faaa-soool-laaa-tiii-doooooh.

yes, yes it is :wink: but something good to look forward to.