Shoot I messed up help!

I decided to try a kind of lace by knitting it in a baby blanket I’ve been working on it for hours now and just noticed a few rows ago at the boarder I must have purled instead of knit and now I have two rows of stockinette on the right side of the boarder. I would have no idea how to take the rows apart because of the lace pattern is there a way to fix just the boarder without having to undo all my rows?

There’s 9 stitches about 5 rows down

You can knit over to the column of sts above the mistake, drop the next st and then let it ladder down to the mistake. Fix the sts that are wrong and then continue to ladder up (like a dropped stitch, here) to the working needle. Repeat that for the next stitch and all of the columns above the mistakes. If you feel brave, you can let several sts drop off the needle and ladder down but one at a time works too.

Eek! That looks so scary! So my first 9 sts should be knit so how would I do the outside stitch?

Fixing the edge stitch is a little more painful but it can be done. This is the clearest explanation of how-to that I’ve seen.

You might fix the inside 8 sts first and then see if you want to do the edge stitch too. Don’t worry about uneveness in the repaired sts, they’ll even out if you stretch the fabric and will be fine with blocking.
You could practice fixing ladders of dropped sts on a swatch first if you’d like.

Thanks so much! I ended up dropping the whole 9 stitches and let it unravel. It was difficult to knit back up but after about an hour I did it. It was weird cause I was knitting with the yarn and it was kinda like loops so I had to make sure the tension was right and ended up havin to bring the whole needle through the loops when I turned my work (not sure if that makes sense) anyway it worked out and I’m so relieved! I originally tried to undo one stitch “ladder” and go down but I could only figure out how to fix it if I wanted a purl stitch I was getting frustrated!

Glad you fixed it. It’s all good (if painful) experience.